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Medart Gallery & Art Gifts

Ceramics, Pottery, Glassware, Jewelry, Religious Art, Gifts & More.

· Crafted In The USA ·


Ceramic Tableware, Dining Sets,
Baking Dishes, Gifts & More.

Add a unique touch to your home décor, or find the perfect gift, with our variety of hand crafted tableware, unique dining sets, ceramic baking dishes and much more.


Italian Crafted Botanical Tableware
& Fused Glass Decorations.

Come see our collection of whimsically colored fused glass items from Texas and beautiful resin tableware from the Riccardo Marzi line in Italy.


Authorized Retailer of
Penny James Jewelry Co.

Inspired designs, quality craftsmanship and whimsical sophistication are trademarks of Penny James Jewelry Co.. Designed and hand crafted by jeweler and local Maryland artist Heather Maertens.

Religious Art

Prints, Classic Icons,
Christian Gifts & More.

Create a perfect setting of Faith and décor with our collection of religious art featuring Saint Icons and other religious images to display in your home. Limited and open edition prints from renowned Christian artists such as Tom DuBois, Paul McGehee and James Seward.

Small Photo Frames

Wood, Metal, Easel Back,
Ready-Made Frames & More.

Find the perfect small frame for all of your family snapshots, school pictures and precious memories. We have a large variety of ready-made frames in stock.

Flag Cases

Ceremonial Flag Cases,
Military Medal Cases & More.

We carry a line of American made military burial and ceremonial flag cases, along with a wide selection of medal and award cases.